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A Quick Release Steering  Wheel Knob...!!!                 



Designed for Truck Drivers, it can be attached and removed in seconds with no tools...! It's completely  legal when used Off-Road or where Legally Permitted.


I personally advocate for the legal and allowable use of a Steering Wheel Spinner Knob by the CDL Licensed Professional Driver who chooses to use one...!!!

Jim Arnone

Todays Steering Wheel Knob is also known as a "Spinner Knob"- "Suicide Knob" or "Brodie Knob"...!!! The nickname "Suicide Knob" is an old and unfortunate name... and is to this day, a lingering reason that the Steering Knob is still perceived as dangerous. This is due to the fact that the original vehicles the knobs were used on, did not have power steering, which caused rapid "spin back" of the steering wheel. The steering wheel "spin back" with a "Knob" attached could bump or bang the drivers arms or hands if they were not careful, but todays vehicles no longer have rapid "spin back.." The term "Brodie Knob" somehow became associated with the Steering Knob because of Steve Brodie... a self-proclaimed daredevil and local New York stuntman from the late 1800's. He apparently jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge... and survived...!!! 


But whatever you call them... steering wheel knobs have been around a long time and today are a useful tool for the Professional Driver because simply put "they make  steering and maneuvering a vehicle, easier"...!!!


Automotive steering aids are used safely today by disabled drivers and utilize the basic design from the original steering wheel knobs. They continue to be used all over the world by Professional Truck Drivers,  Agricultural Equipment and Heavy Equipment Operators, and many Driving Professionals...!!! 


The "Quick-Knob"... Quick-Release device was designed by a Professional Truck Driver. It is a high quality spinner knob that can be used where Legally Permitted, with all the benefits of a portable, easy to use Spinner Knob that can be attached & removed in seconds. Each Quick-Knob is hand fabricated in  Buffalo, New York...!!!


Questions...???     Call or Text @ 716-830-9960.

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