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The "Quick-Knob" was designed for Drivers of Commercial Vehicles and should be used where Legally Permitted.

Each Quick-Knob is Hand Fabricated and Shipped from Buffalo, NY using quality components. Quick-Knob currently uses SpeeCo, Sparex & Tisco brand steering knobs which are high quality, durable, comfortable with smooth, quiet bearing operation. The SpeeCo, Sparex & Tisco companies are in no way associated with or in any way responsible for the "Quick-Knob" fabricated Quick Release Steering Wheel Spinner Knob...!!!   Use the menu at the top of the page for complete site access.


  Product Features:

   "Sport"                                   FEATURES...

Quick-Release... Attach & Remove in Seconds:

- Fits Soft Steering Wheels up to 1-1/4 inches thick

- Sporty / Contemporary Design / Black Resin Material

- Use for newer Tractor Tlr. Rigs w/ Soft Surface Str/Whls 

- Ideal for use with Pick-Up Trucks and Cars

- Use for Physical Rehabilitation / Disabilities

- CAUTION: May interfere with Adaptive Hand Controls

- Not Recommended for Hard Surface Steering Wheels

- Not Recommended for Heavy Equipment

- May leave temporary or permanent indentation on 

  soft Steering Wheels.









              "Stealth"     -    "Classic"    


Quick-Release... Attach & Remove in Seconds:

- Fits all Steering Wheels - Requires Spacer Sleeve/(incl)

- Ideal for Tractor Trailers Rigs / Ottawa - Yard Horse

- Use for Heavy Equip.- Municipal Snow Plows & Equip.

- Ideal for Sanitation Trucks & Front End Loaders 

- Perfect for Fork-Lifts and Clamp Trucks

- Use for Thick Steering Wheels/ Steering Wheel Covers    

- Use w/ Sleeve for Thin /Hard Surface Steering Wheels

- Ideal for... and to protect Wooden Steering Wheels

- With use of rubber sleeve (incl) may leave temporary,     minimal or no indentation on Steering Wheel.    




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