Quick-Release... Attach & Remove in Seconds:

- Fits all Steering Wheels - Requires Spacer Sleeve/(incl)

- Ideal for Tractor Trailers Rigs / Ottawa - Yard Horse

- Use for Heavy Equip.- Municipal Snow Plows & Equip.

- Ideal for Sanitation Trucks & Front End Loaders 

- Perfect for Fork-Lifts and Clamp Trucks

- Use for Thick Steering Wheels/ Steering Wheel Covers    

- Use w/ Sleeve for Thin /Hard Surface Steering Wheels

- Ideal for... and to protect Wooden Steering Wheels

- "Endurance" is a Long/Life Bearingless Spinner... and Includes Replacement Straps. Ideal for High usage... Yard Jockey and Ottawa use.

- With use of rubber sleeve (incl) may leave temporary,     minimal indentation on Steering Wheel.    

"Endurance" Bearingless with 2nd Set of Replacement Straps NOT SOLD IN U.S.

  • ENDURANCE: Only available for sale to Customers Ouside the US. Price includes shipping to all of Canada, Europe & other Countries.

    The Quick-Knob "Endurance" is our Best Spinner Knob...!!! Designed for long term use... it is only available for International Customers outside of the U.S...!!! International Customers should Bye with Confident that your purchase is Worth the Cost...!!! The "Endurance" features a Bearingless Knob for Long Life (no ball bearings to lubricate, wear out or fail) The "Endurance" also comes with a complete 2nd set of Replacement Straps for future use if needed. Not responsible for Duty or other Fees your Country may impose.

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