"Stealth" - Bearingless/Welded - Long Life: Our Best Model...!!!

Quick-Release... Attach & Remove in Seconds:

- BEARINGLESS / LONG LIFE... w/ Replacement Straps

- Fits all Steering Wheels - Requires Spacer Sleeve/(incl)

- Ideal for Tractor Trailers Rigs / Ottawa - Yard Horse

- Use for Heavy Equip.- Municipal Snow Plows & Equip.

- Ideal for Sanitation Trucks & Front End Loaders 

- Perfect for Fork-Lifts and Clamp Trucks

- Use for Thick Steering Wheels/ Steering Wheel Covers    

- Use w/ Sleeve for Thin /Hard Surface Steering Wheels

- Ideal for... and to protect Wooden Steering Wheels

- Ideal for Yard Jockey and Ottawa use.

- With use of rubber sleeve (incl) may leave temporary,     minimal indentation on Steering Wheel.    

"STEALTH" INTERNATIONAL Bearing-Less / Long Life" w/Repl. Straps...

1 Pound